Annual Performance (%)Class20132014201520162017201820192020YTD
Pender Bond Universe FundClass F        1.1
Pender Corporate Bond FundClass F4.41.4-
Pender Enhanced Income Fund Class F       -1.019.6
Pender Growth FundCommon Share NAV 31.867.2123.93.4-7.612.630.0-4.2
Pender Partners Fund Class F37.57.1-5.633.55.6-36.4-11.10.717.1
Pender Small Cap Opportunities FundClass F34.324.
Pender Small/Mid Cap Dividend FundClass F        16.8
Pender Strategic Growth & Income FundClass F13.06.8-1.917.25.7-
Pender US All Cap Equity FundClass F
Pender Value FundClass F 30.40.519.58.0-8.519.320.19.4
Pender Value Fund II Class F42.711.3-7.840.76.3-38.4-14.317.610.4
Performance is calculated based on the Class C Share Net Asset Value of the Pender Growth Fund. This does not reflect the price at which the shares trade on the market.