Performance (%) - Sep. 30 2019Fund ProfileClass1 Mo.3 Mo.6 Mo.1 Yr.3 Yr.5 Yr.10 Yr.YTDSince
Inception Date
Pender Canadian Opportunities FundClass F1.9-5.92.1- 7.34.6Nov-10
Pender Corporate Bond FundClass F1.
Pender Growth Fund-Common Share NAV0.1-0.1-7.2-7.2-3.934.0 -5.215.5Jul-10
Pender Small Cap Opportunities FundClass F3.1-3.4-1.9-
Pender Strategic Growth & Income FundClass F3. 12.26.2Nov-10
Pender US All Cap Equity FundClass F-0.8-8.2-9.4- 3.56.2Jun-13
Pender Value FundClass F1.5-6.1-1.0- 8.212.1Jun-13
Performance is calculated based on the Class C Share Net Asset Value of the Pender Growth Fund. This does not reflect the price at which the shares trade on the market.