Performance (%) - Dec. 31 2020Class1 Mo.3 Mo.6 Mo.1 Yr.3 Yr.5 Yr.10 Yr.YTDSince
Inception Date
Pender Bond Universe FundClass F         Jan-20
Pender Corporate Bond FundClass F2.
Pender Enhanced Income Fund Class F4.617.028.4-1.0   -1.03.0Dec-19
Pender Growth FundCommon Share NAV9.320.630.330.010.625.625.430.018.3Jul-10
Pender Partners FundClass F10.
Pender Small Cap Opportunities FundClass F15.343.664.347.814.616.018.347.818.5Jun-09
Pender Small/Mid Cap Dividend FundClass F         Jan-20
Pender Strategic Growth & Income FundClass F4.
Pender US All Cap Equity FundClass F13.441.967.453.219.114.5 53.213.1Jun-13
Pender Value FundClass F11.028.444.120.19.511.1 20.114.2Jun-13
Pender Value Fund IIClass F11.128.443.917.6-14.7-
Performance is calculated based on the Class C Share Net Asset Value of the Pender Growth Fund. This does not reflect the price at which the shares trade on the market.